Can I travel with pets?

  • Pets such as dogs, cats and rodents (hamsters, guinea pigs and rabbits) are allowed in the cabin.
  • Their maximum weight, including the bag containing them, is 8 kg. You must show their veterinary record with the mandatory vaccinations required by current regulations.
  • They shall be transported in bags or containers specially designed for this purpose and ventilated, equipped with closures that cannot be opened by the pet from the inside or easily from the outside and shall be clean and shall not emit an unpleasant odor.
  • The size of the bag or container shall not exceed 50x40x25 cm. 
  • The animal will remain in the bag or container from the time of boarding at the departure airport terminal until it arrives at the arrival airport terminal.
  • Uep!Fly does not allow animals in the baggage hold of the aircraft.
  • We declare ourselves friends of animals.